About SmartSapp Class

What is SmartSapp Class?

SmartSapp class connects the best teachers to students everywhere with a suite of online learning and teaching tools. With a blend of live lessons and offline lessons, the platform is designed to foster interactive teaching and learning online.

The goal of SmartSapp Class is to help minimize the negative impact of school closures on school children everywhere. We are providing the avenue for students in any part of the country to get access to the best teachers so they can keep thriving academically.

About Real Life skills Courses

What are Real life skills?

Real life skills are courses designed to teach children relevant skills they need for different aspects of their careers and life as a whole. These skills equip children with essential abilities they need ready to face life at an early.

The goal of real life skills is to give children a holistic education which involves practical courses that do not just teach children theories for exams but give them essential skills they can use to succeed in life.

The courses taught include Basic Computer Skills for Children Computer coding, Robotics for Children, Entrepreneurship, Financial Literacy, Developing self Confidence and Courtesy for boys and girls.

Courses are currently available for all students from age 5 to 20 years.

Using SmartSapp Class as a Teacher

How Can I Use SmartSapp Class as a Teacher?

As a teacher, you can apply to teach your own students or teach students provided by SmartSapp. To become a SmartSapp teacher, you will go through a screening process where your qualifications and skills will be assessed. After successful screening, you will be required to prepare and upload lessons and you will teach students through live and offline lessons. If you are a teacher with your own students, you will not be required to go through a screening process and you also have the liberty to determine your teaching time and lessons. We will just provide the platform for both you and your students.

A SmartSapp teacher teaches students provided by SmartSapp and earns commissions while private teachers teach their own students and pay for the use of the platform.

As a SmartSapp teacher, you can earn between 50 and 99 cedis for a 45 minute live lesson. You can also earn extra commissions from offline lessons.

As a private teacher, you will pay a subscription fee starting from 49 cedis per month per student you enrol to the platform.

Using SmartSapp Class as a Student

How Can I Use SmartSapp Class as a Student?

SmartSapp Class offers students everywhere the opportunity to connect with the best teachers. You can enrol into a class to take subjects of your choice. With SmartSapp class, you get to partake in live lessons with teachers and get access to numerous learning resources.

Depending on your grade and the subjects you want to take, pricing starts from as low as 49 cedis per subject per month. Enrol into a class and get an exact quote tailored to your needs.

Yes, no matter your location, you can use SmartSapp class once you have a computer and internet connection.